Vernondo Boshoff and
Louis Douglas

South Africa
We recently had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Fernandes on our visit to Portugal, starting the process for our Golden Visa Application.

As one can understand, when embarking on a venture to attain a property in a foreign country, one’s reliance and trust lies with the person acting on your behalf who provides true and accurate advice. Moreover, when the person is always approachable and available in times of uncertainty, uneasiness and doubt, is of no concern as your complete trust is placed into that person. Also, when the person always remains professional and provide calm when the client in some cases may be agitated, one’s respect grows even more for that person.

Mrs Fernandes or as we prefer to call her, Mrs Sandra, has being that kind of person described above. Undoubtedly there is a lot more that can be said about this wonderful and amazing person. Without a doubt, we will recommend Mrs Sandra to assist Family and our closest friends should the need arise, the reason therefor is complete and utter trust.

To date Mrs. Sandra still provides continued support.
Thank you Mrs. Sandra for being there for us.