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About SJF Immigration & Investments

At SJF – Immigration & Investments, we aspire to provide you with tailor-made immigration solutions to suit your needs as an individual, couple or family. Whether you are still in the deciding phase or have decided to move to Portugal, we can guide you in making the right decision based on your background. If you are a business owner, a creative individual or a pensioner looking to relocate to the EU, we are here to help you on your relocation journey through our expertise, namely in advising on Golden Visa-eligible investments.

Our skilled support team, through the network of chosen partners, makes us a one-stop-shop destination for all your needs – carrying out the legal procedures, assisting in the investment consultancy and offering a wide range of concierge services to help you with your day-to-day tasks here in Portugal.

Our genuine care and concern for individuals and families have helped make their move to Portugal as seamless as possible.

We are committed to helping you achieve freedom, security and a better quality of life through your relocation to Portugal.

We invite you to contact us and have a chat to see why clients choose SJF- Immigration & Investments.

Why residency in Portugal?

Relocating to Portugal has never been more in demand than recently… Besides being a perfect place to retire with its natural beauty, beautiful architecture, and conducive climate, to name a few, digital nomads, young families, and couples have looked at it for security, quality education and as a doorway to the rest of Europe. 

Financially and for various other reasons, Portugal is a beautiful country to live and invest in and has attracted many more people in recent years.

"My passion for helping people find legal solutions to ease their lives dates back to more than 40 years ago when I chose subjects back then to enable me to be admitted to Law School at University, even though Science and Math were my favourites. There hasn't been a day I haven't loved what I have been doing, ever since my very first day of practising as an attorney."
After more than two decades of practising real estate and corporate law, I began my journey practising immigration law based on investment right at the onset of the Golden Visa program in Portugal. I was convinced that I was finally fully practising what I am passionate about by guiding people through investments and enabling families access to a free and prosperous life.
A few years ago, with the introduction of the D7 immigration program, another avenue was created to advise families with a substantial passive income, to move and live in Portugal.
I am dedicated to building investment and tailor-made immigration solutions to meet the client's needs on a daily basis. My enthusiasm for helping people and sharing Portugal with the world is truly my mission and my passion.​

Watch the interview on the Portugal Golden Visa, where Sandra shares valuable insights to the residency program through investment in real estate or funds.
This video is categorized into three parts.
Part 1 is an overall view of the Golden visa program and how the investment is related to residency.
Part 2 focuses on the Golden visa process the benefits and about family members who can be part of the program.
Part 3 is about the tax benefits, advantages of the program in Portugal vis-à-vis other countries and how we at ‘SJF Immigration & Investments’ can guide you in choosing the right type of investment.

Click on the above video to learn more details about the Portugal D7 visa shared by Sandra.
This video is categorized into 3 parts.
Part 1 is an overview of the Portugal D7 visa program
Part 2 focuses on the requirements and qualifications for the D7 visa program and about family members who are eligible to be a part of the program.
Part 3 is a summary and how you can apply for citizenship as well as how we at ‘SJF Immigration & Investments’ can help you in starting your relocation journey through the D7 visa program.