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Are you willing to invest in Football, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Research, Winegrowing, and are also interested in moving to Europe or at least opening this possibility for you and your family? 

The Golden Visa Fund option may be the program for you.

A few words about Funds, and their relation to the Golden Visa program in Portugal

There are funds investing in Artificial intelligence (AI), Research & Innovation, Healthcare, SME’s, Agriculture, Agro-Businesses, Circular Economy, Green Chemistry, Football and other sports, Hospitality, Entertainment, Renewable Energies and so many other interesting and financial promising areas. In fact, these instruments coupled with the Golden Visa are changing the basis and the tapestry of the Portuguese economy.

The recent change in the Portuguese Law, that made the real estate investments ineligible for the Golden Visa program, has shift the investors´ attention to Funds. 

The reasons mentioned are: overrated prices of the real estate in Portugal, the taxes over the property and in the house acquisition, the need for care and maintenance of the houses and the taxes over the profits in the case of a sale. When looking at the investment funds, not only the proposed returns of the investment are more interesting but the tax burden is significantly lower, especially for those applicants that will not have fiscal address in Portugal. 

Funds Investment: Are they the right option for you?

Guaranteed returns are part of our broad portfolio  

Wine not? Enjoy and invest on agriculture and agroindustry

Portuguese agricultural products are well known worldwide, like wine, cork or olive oil. Explore the investment opportunities that take advantage of the Portuguese edaphoclimatic conditions, economic competitiveness of the agricultural lands available and sustainable production practices that are being implemented to supply a steadily growing global market.

Renewal energy resources. Compromise with a better future

When the Portuguese government sets the goal of obtaining 80 percent clean energy in electricity production by 2030 and the country possesses unique renewal energy resources like solar, waves, wind or biomass, it is worth to explore the investment opportunities available for GV investors.

Sports as a new way of investing. Professional soccer funds

If there is something Portugal is known for it's soccer players. Every year, thousands of youngsters decide they want to become soccer players and a few are really good at it… To discover the future champions, to training them is an economic activity that offers interesting returns. Although these investments are more sport fans oriented, the robustness of the business models and the track record of the teams that manage these investment funds deserve a second look…

Hospitality thought in a different way

Considering that tourists spent over €25 billion in Portugal in 2023, with a total revenue over €289 million, there is no doubt about the importance and contribution of this activity for the nation’s GDP. Although real estate is no longer an alternative for Golden Visa applicants, that does not mean that the investors cannot profit from the touristic activity. The exploitation of hotels, guest houses and similar units presents a very interesting opportunity that is available via GV eligible investment funds with solid business plans, very experienced professionals and considerable IRR’s.


Navigating the Portuguese Golden Visa programs can be complex. Our team of experts provides clear, reliable advice on the Golden Visa Fund Investment process and available fund options. Schedule your consultation for personalized guidance, tailored to your unique situation, to help you understand and confidently choose the right path for you and your family.

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Sandra Jardim Fernandes

Head of Legal affairs

Expert in Immigration and Foreign Investment, specializing in real estate and corporate law, with more than 20 years of experience in Immigration Law.

Eric Drummond

Senior Advisor Investments

Expert in Funds with deep knowledge of Portuguese residency options to help clients navigate diverse investment opportunities efficiently.

Miguel Cardoso

Senior Advisor Investments

Over 15 years of experience in investment funds, start-ups, and equity capital. Passionate about transforming science and technology into financial revenue.

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Golden Visa Funds FAQs

Can I divide my investment into different Funds?
First and foremost, investment funds are investment programmes that are designed to attract people who empathise with the goals of the projects that are behind the funds. For this reason, and as we know that our clients have a wide variety of interests, the funds we offer allow you to combine up to 3 types of investment that add up to the total of the minimum required by law, regarding the GV programme.
What percentage of my investment would come as a return?

It really depends on the fund, each fund has its own rules and proposals for investors. At SjF we make sure you learn about the details of the funds that are part of our portfolio and advise you, depending on your interest,  on the possibilities until you find the one that best suits your needs and interests. 

What would happen to my investment if my visa is denied?

In the rare case that your visa is denied at this part of the process, your investment would be returned within the deadlines of each program.

Are mutinational allowed in this program?
Yes, the existing law states that at least 60% of the fund must be invested in Portugal and comply with Portuguese laws. The remaining percentage, however, can be part of an international company, or the so-named mixed funds. 
At SjF we are aware that some of our clients feel more comfortable with this option, and we will try to offer a range of possibilities for this type of clients.
Would I have to pay any taxes in Portugal?

Only if you are a tax -resident. Among the beneffits of the GV program, exists the possibility of not having to reside in Portugal, and not having to be a tax resident. In this sense you can choose wheter you want to be taxed in your home country, or in Portugal.