Sylvia Jaimes

Art and cultural projects advisor
Sylvia is a multifaceted artist with a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Lisbon, where she received a merit qualification for her dissertation on communication between animal species. 

With a rich background in performative and visual arts, Sylvia has contributed to numerous collective projects and collaborations between art and science,  part of international exhibitions in Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Portugal and Switzerland. 

Her career extends beyond artistic practice, encompassing roles as a counselor in Artistic Pedagogy for esteemed Colombian institutions like IDArtes and Centro Ático, as well as teaching and counseling positions at various universities in Colombia. 

Over the past four years, she has dedicated herself to art production, fostering emerging projects through Colapso and Cosmos, both independent platforms. Sylvia possesses exceptional skills in project coordination, counseling, teaching, and research in interdisciplinary contexts, making her a valuable asset to any artistic or educational endeavor.

English, Portuguese, Spanish (fluent)